Region 3 Vice President

Dannielle Hille, ORC, DOCCS Office Victim Assistance

Dannielle Hille is an Offender Rehabilitation Coordinator in DOCCS Office of Victim Assistance. While Dannielle’s education is in Criminal Justice, her hobby is information technology. Since joining NYSMICJ, she has built the organization a new website, upgraded the tech and began creating a digital footprint. She has served on several committees over the years including in positions of Chair and Vice Chair. Dannielle has also served on the Board of Directors for two non-profit organizations working to improve the lives of the underserved and marginalized. She brings experience in event planning, fundraising, non-profit governance and community engagement. Dannielle also co-chairs the largest National Night Out celebration in the Capital Region with upwards of 1000 attendees and nearly 100 vendors from law enforcement, to health care, to mental health, to community organizations. Dannielle dedicates her time to help the underserved by helping to heal and rebuild communities through advocacy and access to basic needs and services.


Region 3 Assistant Vice President

Kristen Trapalis, ORC, Hale Creek C.F.

Kristen Trapalis is an Offender Rehabilitation Coordinator at Hale Creek Correctional Facility, where she also serves as the Transitional Services Coordinator. With degrees in Criminal Justice and Human Services, Kristen is passionate about assisting incarcerated individuals with making a successful transition back to their communities. She has coordinated numerous outreach initiatives to allow the inmates she serves to give back to society, including an annual inmate holiday food drive that has raised hundreds of pounds of food for those in need to date. Her dedication to aiding the underserved and underrepresented led her to assume the role of Region 3 NYSMICJ Assistant Vice President without hesitation. Her unwavering commitment has proved to be an asset to the organization.


Region 3 Secretary

Sarah Wilday , PA, Hale Creek C.F.

Sarah Wilday has worked in the Addictions/Human Services field since 2007, currently employed by DOCCS. Always being a strong advocate of self-care, Ms. Wilday completed her 200 hour Hot Warrior Yoga Teacher training after several years of independent practice. She now specializes in Restorative Yoga, teaching at gyms and studios in her community.  


Region 3 Treasurer

Ron McDonagh, Retired from DOCCS

Ronald McDonagh retired in 2019 as the Vocational Supervisor at Hudson Correctional Facility. For his untiring commitment and dedication to the organization he was presented with the President's Award at NYSMICJ's 30th anniversary celebration. He is a master at collaborating with others and represents our interests to vendors across the state garnering their support of our mission as well. When you need, a job done, get Ron onboard for a successful outcome.  


Region 3 Financial Secretary

Jackie Lewis, ORC, Coxsackie C.F.

I began my career in 1989 as a Correction Officer. I have worked at the following facilities: Summit CF, Bedford Hills CF, Camp Beacon CF and Greene CF. In 2006 I  became a Correction Counselor at Greene CF.  I am currently an Offender Rehabilitation Coordinator as Coxsackie CF. 


Region 3 Parliamentarian

Michael Hurt - Retired from DOCCS

Michael’s initial professional opportunities were with the great state of New York; and the experience inspired him to think differently.  He started M. Hurt Supply, a heating, plumbing, and industrial supply company in Albany, New York.  Michael held the company successfully for 16 years; and with the encouragement from the Mayor of Albany, he became Commissioner of the City’s Community Development Department.  He later took an opportunity with Verizon, working in leadership, service and corporate sales positions before returning to state government at the end of his career.  Michael spent six years working in the New York State Department of Corrections, leading the prison industries program.  He retired in the summer of 2016 and spends his days now focusing on his passions of music, enjoying fine wines and dining.  He continues to volunteer his time with many community service organizations in the area.