About Us


NYSMICJ Mission Statement

The New York State Minorities in Criminal Justice is a Federally registered, tax exempted, non-partisan, non-profit service organization, organized to examine and act upon the improvements in the Criminal Justice System, to promote the general welfare, to increase the influence of minorities in the Criminal Justice System, and to coordinate efforts with all legitimate organizations whose purpose would include the promotion of justice within the general State, local, public & private sectors of the criminal justice system.

Goals and Objectives

  • Increase minority representation and participation as policy makers within the administration of justice, nationally, regionally, and locally;
  • Promote hiring, recruitment, promotion, and retention of minorities at all employable levels in Criminal Justice and in all areas;
  • Legislation and social policy formulation at the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of Government;
  • Encourage the education and professional development of its members;
  • Encourage and promote the upward mobility and career developments of its membership;
  • Vigorously support the philosophy of fair employment, fair treatment and equal opportunity for all;
  • Promote training conferences and seminars to support minorities and improve the knowledge and skills of the membership in their contribution toward the improvement of the correctional process; and
  • Support all efforts to improve the working relations and the visibility of Minorities in the field of Criminal Justice 

New York State Minorities in Criminal Justice, Inc .

New York State Minorities in Corrections, Inc  - Founded 1986  

New York State Minorities in Criminal Justice, Inc  - Name changed 1994  

Our History Begins with our Founders:

  • Catherine Webb
  • Valerie Sullivan
  • Cecil Canton
  • Berthlynn Terry
  • Rosetta Burke
  • Hazel Lewis
  • Joseph Williams
  • Brigette Gladwin

Past Presidents

It is a truism that no organization can survive and sustain it's self on its own but it needs leaders that can foster a desire in its membership to carry out the mission of that organization. New York State Minorities in Correction/Criminal Justice present our presidents in their words and deeds over the years beginning with our founder.